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This website was created on the 12th of June 2015, it's primary function is as a retrospect of the consoles I own, plus reviews of my favourite games. 

As there is only one author for this site, please understand that it will not rapidly fill up with content, it's basically something to keep me occupied when bored and in between studying for my degree.

The stickle brick space invader "site mascot" was created for a degree assignment; A poster presentation on introducing children to programming in the classroom. He doesn't have a name yet, so any ideas would be great!

If you enjoy reading any of the articles on this site, or simply want to give me feedback, then please feel free to contact me


  • Just Speccy
    Installing the board into an original ZX Spectrum rubber key case would require some modification to the rear of the...
  • Just Speccy
    This is the story of my modification of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K rubber keyboard model, during the course of the...
  • Just Speccy
    This is the part of the mod that I was most nervous about, the top metal case would obviously prove to be the most...
  • Amiga
    Introduction Picture this, a secret lab in the outback, miles from anywhere or anyone. A storm is brewing that could...
  • PC
    Introduction Doom was the brainchild of ID Software and was released sometime around 1993ish, It was almost the...